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About Linda Spence, Linda Spence speaker, Linda Spence Facilitator,

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After a number of years leading a Human Resources department, Linda co-founded a boutique Consulting Firm and provided human resources consulting primarily to the Not-For-Profit sector in Ontario. Over the years she has also become more and more active in leadership development – designing/delivering leadership programs, coaching/consulting with leaders as they navigate complex employee situations. Linda studied business with the Ivey School of Business at Western University.

Linda conducted investigations of harassment and worked with teams to improve dynamics. She has hired and fired hundreds of employees, and everything in between. Linda’s work has afforded her an opportunity to look at work from the eyes of the leader, and the eyes of the worker/team member. All too often blame flies in both directions. This unique perspective equips her to help employees to see their own performance from their supervisor’s eyes. As a speaker, Linda helps people in developing their sense of personal leadership and accountability, and to better understand the context and dynamics of the workplace. She is determined to help people stay “out of the muck” at work, and to tap into their own unique inner self to ensure fulfillment at work and life.

Ask yourself, am I in the muck?” 

More About Linda

Learn more about how Linda draws from her unique talents and experiences to captivate audiences, inspire change, and leave a lasting impact through her powerful keynotes.

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Linda Spence is an actor and keynote speaker. As a speaker she draws from her 25 years experience in consulting and leadership development to help people understand their personal leadership potential, while drawing from lessons learned in the world of acting/theatre. Linda has spoken at conferences, AGMs, team retreats and New Employee Orientation sessions. At home on the stage, Linda will help audience members to reflect and explore ideas in a safe space. She will energize, entertain and inspire your audience members. Browse Linda’s “Quick Tip” videos. >

About Linda Spence, About, Linda Spence Keynote Speaker, Linda Spence Author, Linda Spence Keynotes, Keynote speaker

Actor, Director, Filmmaker

Linda’s first acting experience was at the age of 9 and the experience changed the course of her life, helping her to find her voice and place in the world. As a young actor she took courses to develop her craft and enjoyed occasional gigs in malls of all places. She soon discovered the world of Community Theatre where her skills were honed in musicals, comedies, dramas, and lots of Shakespeare. In the early 2000’s, The Porter Group Talent Agency began representing Linda and she developed her acting skills for camera doing commercials, videos, short films and roles in TV. In 2021, Linda wrote, produced, directed and performed in an award-winning short film, Balboa Mist.
About Linda Spence, About, Linda Spence Keynote Speaker, Linda Spence Author, Linda Spence Keynotes, Keynote speaker

Writer, Upcoming Author

Linda is on an exciting journey, condensing her life’s work into the writing of a book about “Killing It” at work. She is interviewing people who are “killing it” in their roles at work, as research for the book. Are you, or someone you know experiencing high levels of success and joy in all aspects of your work? Do you have insights, thoughts, perspectives, stories that you would like to share? Reach out to Linda and perhaps you will be her next interview.

“Having the ability to work with Linda was valuable in so many ways. Leadership in a post-secondary environment offers exciting opportunities and many challenges. Linda offered a perfect combination of empathy and insight and allowed me to find new approaches to challenges arising. Coaching with Linda has enabled me to gain fresh perspectives, expand my leadership toolkit and find new and better ways to address challenges and create a positive environment for our team, students and colleagues.”

~ Alice O’Carroll, Director, Career Development and Cooperative Education. Faculty of Science, McMaster University.

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Things I’m Passionate About

I guess you could say, “these are a few of my favourite things”! I am always eager to sit down and explore with others, to grow as a person, especially in these areas: